President: Tony Hunt VPRI     Vice President: Richard Plincke RI
Winchester Art Club
Here are some works by some of our members in a range of media.
John Reynolds - The Deanery, Winchester Tricia Spink - Bearded tit Clarissa Russell - Crouching figure Tricia Spink - Flood, Yueyang, China Barbara Frost - Dancer Tricia Spink - Tibetan Clarissa Russell - Tom Tricia Spink - North Aisle, Winchester Cathedral - Best Watercolour 2012 Peter Moore - Ogwen Lake Ellen Howell - Hellebores
Lisa Steincke - Owl Alan Trussler - Annette resting Val Tierney - Wave Motion II David Eaton - Lunch Joyce King - Hydrangeas Lisa Steincke - Hollyhock Angela Clark-flowers and pears Wendy Bramall - semi collared flycatcher Ellen Howell - Cottage door Wendy Bramall - grey wagtail
Ali Lindley - The Buttercross, Winchester Lisa Steincke - Asparagus Margaret Cook - Goodrington Sands Ali Lindley - Shadow of Autumn Ali Lindley - Following in Mums footsteps Joyce King - water lilies Simon Churchill - Cumbria Mike Ellis - The Duchess of Cambridge Angela Clark - fruit bowl Christopher Jarman - Art Lesson
Alan Trussler - Dying Swan Barbara Frost - Stonehenge Diana Snagge - Suffolk Cottages Rachel Thomsen - Hen pecker Alan Trussler - Rape seed nr Chichester Alan Trussler - Riding home Don Beaven - Claire 2 Diana Snagge - Half-tide Mill, Woodbridge Rachel Thomsen - Sheep 2 Joyce King - Iris
Joyce King - in the pink Zella Smith - The Highlander Wendy Bramall - Guernsey farm house Simon Churchill - my goddaughter and younger sister in party frocks Christopher Jarman - Low tide Isle of Wight Diana Snagge - Low Tide Yvonne Burman - Dhow Ken Pothecary - Misty Boats Carol Southgate - East Sussex farm Carol Southgate - Boats at Heybridge
Rachel Thomsen - Tuscany Richard Plincke - The Eye of the Bathysphere Barbara Frost - Olympics 2012 John Reynolds - Rudbeckia Yvonne Burman - Madagasgan lemur Ken Pothecary - Lion Sleeping Sheila Bushnell - Cotinus Grace in December Arti Chauhan - Emu On High Alert Christopher Jarman - Australian gums Angela Clark - flowers and pears
Antonios Antoniou - Cyprus, priest and wife John Reynolds - Ravello Kate Macintosh - Viennes, France - gouache Arti Chauhan - Evening of  Life Margaret Cook - Weymouth 2012 Ken Pothecary - Harbour Antonios Antoniou - Blue vase with yellow and white flowers Michael Ellis - Arctic Convoy 2 Margaret Cook - bluebell wood Arti Chauhan - umber stripes
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