President: Tony Hunt VPRI     Vice President: Tony Antoniou

Winchester Art Club
Hospital Exhibition

The club holds two exhibitions a year at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital, one in the spring lasting 10 weeks, and another in the autumn lasting 14 weeks. Each Exhibition of about 150 paintings is displayed in the main corridor of the hospital.

Each member may submit three paintings up to 65 cm x 57 cm, or two up to 92 cm x 70 cm, and an additional two paintings which will be hung if space allows. (pictures must be fitted with large mirror plates on either side about a third of the way down from the top) Click here to read check list for paintings.

Artists pay a £3 hanging fee for each entry and will also be charged a 20% sales commission, both of which are given to charitable causes within the hospital. These payments are currently made to The Magic Wand Appeal which is raising funds to improve facilities in the Children’s Unit. From this year onwards, a further 10% commission will be charged and this will be donated to the Winchester Hospice Appeal.

Handing-in and Handing-out are in the Boardroom, Ashley Wing, Royal Hants County Hospital. Parking Information

2019 Spring Exhibition:

Handing-in: Saturday 13 April 2019 from 9.30 am - noon
Handing-out: Saturday 13 July 2019 from 10 am - noon

2019 Autumn Exhibition:

Handing-in: Saturday 19 October 2019 from 9.30 am - noon
Handing-out: Saturday 4 January 2020 from 10 am - noon
Online Submission

Please submit details of your works online in advance.

President: Tony Hunt RI     Vice President: Tony Antoniou