Winchester Art Club
Winchester Art Club was founded in 1919 in which year it absorbed the earlier Winchester Fine
Arts Society which had existed since 1888.

The object of the Club is to encourage the practice of Fine Arts in Winchester, particularly among
those who paint as a hobby.

No qualifications are needed to join and our members range from complete beginners to
experienced artists, and a number of semi-professional and professional artists.

The majority of our members are painters, but we also include print makers, sculptors and
woodcarvers, and artists who work with silk and other fabrics.

The Club does not have its own premises nor does it teach art, but it provides a full programme of
activities each year including: appraisals of member's work by professional artists; painting
courses with professional tutors; painting together in groups; and lectures and demonstrations by
artists and art historians.

The Club holds three separate exhibition venues a year, including an Annual Exhibition in the
Winchester Discovery Centre each autumn, for which submitted works are considered by a
selection panel of independent professional artists and the acceptance or rejection of each entry is
decided entirely on artistic merit.

Charity donations
The Club is pleased to support The Magic Wand Appeal at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital
and also Naomi House Childrenís Hospice through two of our exhibitions. Over the past three years
this has averaged over £950 per annum.